Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Introductions: Dan MacKenzie

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dan MacKenzie and I am a newly-enrolled master's student in mass communications. I was slated to begin classes this fall, but I decided that taking a few courses this summer would be a great way to get back into the rhythm of school without having to take on a full schedule. I have been in the professional world for the past couple of years working in the insurance industry. I am an off-campus student - I live in an apartment on the west side of Ames. I just moved to here in May and am enjoying getting to know the campus.

I finished my undergrad degree at the University of Iowa in 2009. I graduated with a degree in English, but my other academic interests were Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. So I decided to come back to school to pursue those. I will focus on journalism and supplement that with courses in political science. As of right now, I want to focus on American relations in North Africa in some capacity.

This summer I am taking one other class on campus and this course. I am excited to get a grasp on the theory involved in the spread of information, which fits in well with the recent political events in North Africa and the use of technologies like Twitter in spreading  new ideas.


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