Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Post 10: Your Ideas

For this posting I would like to ask for your ideas about our online class meeting on Nov. 15:
What kind of topics do you want us to discuss in the chat? Any specific technology issues or current examples of technology diffusion that we could focus on? Should we have a required reading beforehand? A moderator for the chat? Any rules for our virtual community?

Look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Post 9: Facebook

One theory of interaction says that "action discloses the 'who'” - that is, even when we interact with old friends, we still can find out unique, surprising, and exciting things about them. To what extent do you believe Facebook "discloses the who"? If Facebook already discloses everything, or if you believe that it hides the “real” person, what consequence does that have for our interpersonal interactions off-line?

Note: If you don’t use Facebook discuss a similar social networking system you are familiar with.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Post 8: Final Paper Outline

For this posting, identify a topic you would like to focus on for your final paper. Provide the main research question(s) you are going to investigate. Outline the sections of the paper and explain which theory will guide your paper. Then, find two articles or books that seem relevant to your topic and give their complete citation.

If anyone is interested in a final project—either individual or group project—please let me know. Your posting can describe the scope of the project and the main research question you are planning on studying.

More details about final paper/ project will come in class. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Post 7: Must-have technologies?

In a previous blog we discussed all the communications technologies we use on a daily basis in our homes. Now, consider which of these technologies you would give up if you were forced to. How would this impact your life? How would you compensate for the loss? Which is the one communication technology you could not live without?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Post 6: Online Self Representation

Answer the questions below based on your own "online existence," whether that be with a personal blog, Facebook or MySpace account, or other online profile you may have. If you do not have an online existence, answer the questions regarding a close friend or family member who does.

First, explain your reasons for having a Web presence. Self-expression? Keep track of friends/family? Find group community?

Next, tell us how much you divulge about your personal life and yourself in your blog or online account. Do you provide a photograph of yourself on your blog/online account? Address or email?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Post 5: Effects on Interpersonal Relationships

Our in-class discussion today about the invasiveness of technology in everyday life was excellent. For this posting let’s continue this discussion and reflect on the impacts of technology (e.g., cell phones/texting, Facebook, Skype/MSN Messenger, blogs, etc.) on our interpersonal relationships with friends, family and significant others.

As a side note: some students were asking me about Dr. Bugeja’s research and our joint projects so I thought I should post these links:

Bugeja's book site: http://www.interpersonal-divide.org/

Our joint research: http://www.halfnotes.org

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Post 4: Communication Technologies at Home

In this posting, list all the communication technologies you own. Then discuss (1) the purpose of each technology—i.e., what you use it for; (2) how much time you spend using each technology; (3) what are some of the intended and unintended consequences for you and your lifestyle.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Post 3: Create Your Own Adopter Categories

For this posting, come up with your own adopter categories. They can be two, three, or ten categories--as many as you deem necessary. Name each one of them and describe the characteristics of each group according to your own categorization. Don't forget to address the socio-economic and personality characteristics as well as the communication behavior of each group.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

For this post I decided to write about the newest technology on the block: iPhone, as it’s one of the most elegant and ravishing phones I've seen so far, due largely to its simple, sleek design and impeccable, intuitive user interface। While fashion phone fans are used to teensy handsets might disagree, the iPhone doesn't feel too unwieldy and at just under 12mm thick, it is certainly pocket able. It presents you with a Home screen: Text, Calendar, Camera, Photos, Camera, Calculator, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Notes, Clock and Settings. At the bottom of the screen are the iPhone's four functions: Phone, Mail, Web and iPod.

Compatibility: Although the iPhone is fully compatible with Apple's iTunes programs, but not with other applications or software. It does not run on the fastest cell phone network, nor is touch screen interface is easy to use, and does not have GPS, technology that gives turn-by-turn directions. It doesn't let users download music and videos wirelessly; and one still needs to connect to their computer to do that.

Complexity: I thought the phone is fairy easy to use। If one loves to play with gadgets. But the virtual keys and the lack of a tactile click feeling won't be very preferred way of text entry. Also I thought an electronic pen was necessary for accurate and faster typing.

Trialability: I do not think iphone comes with a tail offer, as a result this makes it a thought out purchase On the other hand people who do want this expensive phone, will be happy to pay any price to have this “cool gadget”

Observability: Since it’s the latest technology in the market, and one of the most expensive one, it will take time to gain acceptability, more over since it’s an apple product, it’s only compatible with other apple devices, making it once again a difficult buy।

I think the iphone is undoubtedly becoming a lifestyle, with smart phones such as the Blackberry’s in the market, But if it does live up to the hype, it has the potential to change how people interact with their cell phones, computers and each other.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Post 2: Innovation Attributes

Post 2: Please choose an innovation that you are familiar with and rate it according to each of the five innovation attributes discussed by Rogers. How do these attributes affect the adoption rate in this particular case? Are there any other attributes that one may need to consider? Which one of the five seems to be the most important attribute?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Post 1: Welcome Fall 2007 Students

Welcome to our class blog. In your first posting, please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from and what brought you to Iowa State University. What do you like to do when you are not in school? Feel free to add a photo to your profile. The deadline for the blogs is Sunday midnight. Remember, the blog is open to the general public to read.