Sunday, September 02, 2007

For this post I decided to write about the newest technology on the block: iPhone, as it’s one of the most elegant and ravishing phones I've seen so far, due largely to its simple, sleek design and impeccable, intuitive user interface। While fashion phone fans are used to teensy handsets might disagree, the iPhone doesn't feel too unwieldy and at just under 12mm thick, it is certainly pocket able. It presents you with a Home screen: Text, Calendar, Camera, Photos, Camera, Calculator, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Notes, Clock and Settings. At the bottom of the screen are the iPhone's four functions: Phone, Mail, Web and iPod.

Compatibility: Although the iPhone is fully compatible with Apple's iTunes programs, but not with other applications or software. It does not run on the fastest cell phone network, nor is touch screen interface is easy to use, and does not have GPS, technology that gives turn-by-turn directions. It doesn't let users download music and videos wirelessly; and one still needs to connect to their computer to do that.

Complexity: I thought the phone is fairy easy to use। If one loves to play with gadgets. But the virtual keys and the lack of a tactile click feeling won't be very preferred way of text entry. Also I thought an electronic pen was necessary for accurate and faster typing.

Trialability: I do not think iphone comes with a tail offer, as a result this makes it a thought out purchase On the other hand people who do want this expensive phone, will be happy to pay any price to have this “cool gadget”

Observability: Since it’s the latest technology in the market, and one of the most expensive one, it will take time to gain acceptability, more over since it’s an apple product, it’s only compatible with other apple devices, making it once again a difficult buy।

I think the iphone is undoubtedly becoming a lifestyle, with smart phones such as the Blackberry’s in the market, But if it does live up to the hype, it has the potential to change how people interact with their cell phones, computers and each other.

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