Sunday, June 10, 2012

Introductions: Clancy

Hello-My name is Alicia Clancy, and I will be entering my second year of the part-time MBA program at Iowa State University. I chose the ISU program as a way to enhance by business and accounting skill set. I must admit, I am delighted to take a break from quantitative methods/statistics to return to a journalism-based course over the next few weeks! I am an off-campus student.
I graduated from Iowa State's journalism school and have been with Renewable Energy Group (, a newly publicly traded biodiesel company based in Ames, Iowa, for six years. Being in a quickly growing business (from 42 employees in 2006 to 275 today) I move between product marketing/communications, internal communications, investor relations and media relations. I am looking forward to this course as a way to help enhance those programs and focus my personal knowledge.

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