Monday, June 11, 2012

Intro - Norene Kelly

Hi All, I am finishing up a Masters in HCI as an on-campus student and live in the Des Moines area.  Besides this class this summer, I am working as an RA for Stephen Gilbert and also trying to make progress on my thesis so that I can run my experiment asap in the fall.  My interests are varied.  For example, my thesis is on the socio-affective consequences of haptic input.  My minor is in gerontology, so I will be interested to learn about the age variable in the diffusion of technology.  A lot of what I do could fit under the broad umbrella of “technical communication.”  I’ve worked on a number of grant proposals; one I worked on last semester was funded by DARPA and an article about it is on the front page of the Register today, as it turns out (“Keystrokes Yield ID Clues”).

I look forward to learning about everyone else’s interests and exchanging ideas as the class progresses.


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