Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Intro - Henry Navarro

Hello, I started in the Online HCI Graduate Certificate Program last spring and expect to complete it this year.  I am a software engineer by profession, specializing in software user interfaces for web, desktop and mobile.  I am taking JLMC574 as part of the program's core courses.  Prior to joining the program, my academic background included physical sciences, engineering and business.
I approach the course with great interest, because of my expectation that it will provide learnings and insights on the adoption of technology at the social level.  My work with user interfaces has involved design considerations for the individual user, for the most part.  Each piece of work I implemented has so far mainly dealt with a specific persona, or type of user.  With this course, I am hopeful that my awareness will expand to include social considerations when designing or implementing software user interfaces.  By being aware of principles involved in society's adoption of new technology, my work will hopefully be more guided and more effective.

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