Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Post 8: Blogs

On Monday we are going to be talking about blogs. Do you read blogs? If yes, why? What do you expect from a blog you would consider to be good or interesting? If no, find a blog on a topic that would be of interest to you. What did you like about the blog? Would you visit it again? Please justify your answer and link to at least one blog that you've visited.


anniken said...

Yes, I do read blogs. A good blog to me is one that I can relate to; it needs to be well-written, of interest to me and also have some authority in the area in which they blog. I read a couple of photography blogs when I needed to get a new lens a few weeks ago – review blogs, and because of their advice I got a lens I’m very happy with. Before I headed to Iowa I also spent some time reading blogs by other Norwegian students in the US. I now have my own blog on this subject (, and as a result I should spend more time networking (visiting, commenting) on other blogs than I currently do. For some reason I’m not allowed to visit anymore (it might be a cookie thing), so I’ve been visiting The Huffington Post ( for major news a lot lately.

And, after a hard day’s work, there is nothing I find more amusing than brings me to the very important subject of Jasmine’s new 4S! Here are some things to ask it:

Ryan Jacobson said...

I do not have any blogs that I am intentional about reading on a regular basis. If I do read a blog, it is typically one that I stumble across when I am reading news and information on a topic that interests me. Since I like to keep up on current events, I am a frequent visitor of the Des Moines Register website, which has its own blog page:

This blog page is written by multiple bloggers about various topics, and that is what I like about it. I enjoy reading blogs rather than news sometimes, because it contains more personal opinions and individual thoughts, rather than just the facts as published in news articles.

Also, like Anniken, the Huffington Post blog is another one that I stumble across on a regular basis. Like the DM Register, it has a wide variety of topics, which I like.

Melinda Heinz said...

Generally I do not read blogs. However I do have a couple of friends that have their own blogs that have updates related to new developments in their family. I am more inclined to read my friends’ family blogs.

One blog that a classmate told me about is:
This blog is about aging issues and is something I’ve been meaning to check out but haven’t until this point. After looking through the blog it is very well done and seems to be updated frequently. The blog is very professional looking and visually appealing. I will likely visit this blog again.

It occurs to me that this may be a good way to network with those in your field. This probably isn’t something new for my classmates that are in journalism but it is something I haven’t thought much about coming from a different field.

Jennifer Chen said...

I usually read blogs in Chinese, because I’m familiar with the language and what’s going on in China. There are many people becoming famous on blog since they always have good points in analyzing popular social phenomena. Blog is a place with comparatively less constrains from government. Many people dare to tell the truth or express their own views about some sensitive issues against government’s regulation. My biggest joy for blog is to see those brave individuals’ point of view on all kinds of issues going in and out of China.

Also, blog is a good channel to follow the updates about and communicate with those celebrates and starts. Sina blog is the one I visit a lot, and many celebrates in China have their own blog account on it. They post pictures and stories about themselves, and tons of fans will comment on the posts. To see how famous people live their lives, either luxurious or simple, can be an interesting thing to do with blog.

Sina blog (Chinese):

Yuwei Sun said...

In recent years, I don’t read blog as often as I did before. The only blog I keep reading for years is the Cuban blogger Yoani S├ínchez’s blog "generation Y" which I have mentioned in my presentation in class. I like to read her blog because she’s full of insight in Cuba’s current situation and she really serves a role of independent media to voice out the needs and concerns for the people of Cuba and keep pressing for democracy in Cuba.
To be honest, Sanchez’s blog is the only blog I read in English now and for most of time, I read blog in Chinese because it is easy for me to follow and I feel more relax in reading them. I sometimes read fashion blog to get updated of the latest fashion trend. Fashion and beauty is another topic I interested in beside journalism and international news. So I tend to read many fashion blogs. Now I kind of shift my focus from the blog to the microblog-a Chinese version of twitter. It is more user friendly, convenience and the information gets update much more quickly than the ordinary blog.

Generation Y

Bill said...

Like Ryan, I mostly just read blogs that I stumble accross while reading the news. However, lately there is one blog I have been following. A friend of mine is a children's book author and has his own wordpress blog that mostly features commentary about pancakes. He goes by the pseudonym "the Griddler". I like it because I now live far away from him and he seems to perfectly capture the tone of conversation we would have. It is also nice because I make occasional appearances as his sometimes breakfast companion who eats massive quantities of biscuits and gravy with steak and eggs.

In addition to being very familiar, the blog is also funny and usually my wife and I read it out loud over Saturday breakfast, and have gotten a few good recipes from him.

the address is:

Jasmine Qu said...

To be honest, I only read one Chinese blog called "niche software" which introduce those amazing software that are so fun to try out.

I don't read blogs intentionally just like Ryan and Bill. But when I search the search engine, many blogs come up. I'll read those that are relevant to my interest.

The reason I don't intentionally read blogs is that I don't want to stick to only one source. And some blogs I subscribed in stopped blogging with/without reason which upsets me.

I consider the blog is good when the content in the blog has opinions from different perspectives, especially on cultural or social issues. Also I like to read the blog when it has visuals, pictures or videos, which can illustrate the blogger's point in a fun way.

Jasmine Qu said...
link of "niche software" (Chinese)