Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post 1: Self Introduction

Welcome to our class blog! In your first posting, please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from and what brought you to Iowa State University. What do you like to do when you are not in school? Feel free to add a photo to your profile or share other information about your background.

The deadline for the blog posts is Sunday at midnight. Remember, the blog is open to the general public to read so please make sure you communicate in a professional manner.


Ryan Jacobson said...

My name is Ryan Jacobson. I am from Ankeny, Iowa, and I graduated from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Cultural Studies. I now work full-time for the City of West Des Moines as the Deputy City Clerk, and I am a part-time student in the Master's of Public Administration program. I chose Iowa State because I have a desire to advance my career in the government sector, and ISU has the only accredited MPA program in the state. I am excited to be in this class, which is an elective for me, because I have an interest in communication technology and how it impacts the way we work, especially in the government sector.

Jennifer Chen said...

My name is Yuyang Chen. My English name is Jennifer. I'm from Shandong, China. I just graduated from ISU this summer with a Communication Studies major and a Journalism & Mass Communication minor. After my graduation, I traveled along the west coast with my parents who came for my graduation. This is pretty amazing to meet my parents in the States. Then I went back China and did an internship in a local newspaper as a reporter. The job was quite challenging, but I like it a lot. Now I come back to continue my study as a graduate student. There will be more challenges on the way, but I think I'm ready. Also, it's a good opportunity to make new friends. Nice to meet you guys!

anniken said...

Hi 574!
My name is Anniken Westad - second year graduate student at Greenlee. I’m from Norway, and after working full-time for four years after graduation I decided to go back to school. Not only school, but I applied for graduate programs in the US only. I had a shortlist of about seven schools. Right from the start a gut feeling told me that ISU was the right choice – I got in, and here we are today!
When I’m not in school, there’s nothing I love more than going on road trips. I also love taking pictures and writing – a combination that led me to start a blog shortly before leaving for Iowa.

Bill said...

Howdy, my name is Bill Hendrickson. I am just finishing my MPA and now completing work on a Technology and Social Change Minor. I am a native Iowan. I'm from a little town southwest of Des Moines called Winterset.

I have a BA in History and International Studies from the University of Iowa. I served in the Army and National Guard for ten years and started at Iowa State when I returned from my last deployment. My primary interests are agriculture policy and international development.