Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Interpersonal Divide


Great discussion today. Feel free to express more views online under this posting.

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john thomas said...

I think it is really interesting how history will be rewritten when all of our documents become electronic... there needs to be some electronic vault or repository for future important electronic information. Our freedoms, laws and history seem to be at risk...

Daniela said...

I think John raises an interesting point. If the Internet allows copying/ pasting/ manipulation of information, how can one assess what is “true” and “original” content any more?

Sandy Wang said...

I do not fully understand what dose John mean by saying Our freedoms, laws and history seem to be at risk. Do you mean history in electronic form is more easly to be stolen or manipulated?I think the same thing is happening all through the human history. What we can do is to keep an official one and make some signs that can not be fabricate.

I think digital technology is good for history recording. With the help of vidio and audio, history can be "written" in a more vivid way.It more objective than written by a to some degree subjective historian. So thousands years later, people can know not only what had happened to Mr. Crocodile, but also what he looked like. In addition, it's easy and safe to keep it,it will not fall to pieces.

And using electronic methods to keep hitory dose not mean it will be the only way. We can also use traditional ways if it do have some advantages.

But I do agree that safe electronic vault or repository is needed for future important electronic information. So the reality will not drown in thousands of counterfeit ones.

Susu Qin said...
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Susu Qin said...

According to Dr. Bugela's opinion, the development of technology takes more negative effects on the the social communication system. It probably can destroy the interpersonal communication. In his definition, the interpensonal relationship should be defined as face-to-face communication which is based on the vital voice tones and eye contact. He thinks "we may misinterpret motives because the messages we send and receive do not convey the subtle butvital voice tones,body movements and other guiding interpersonal cues of physical place." Now, we are more and more dependent on using the electric communication to mediate the dioutes ,instead of resloving them interpersonally.

I am not sure whether my view is correct or not. I think the "interpersonal" equals the interactive replationship between people.In that way, we can not
say the technology will take place of the interpensonal communication at last. In the one hand, the development of technology is an inevitable and necessary channel or carrier to deliver and diffuse the information,since we human-being need to find the ways to make our life more and more efficient and convenient.Sometimes it can bring out the new approaches to actulize the interpersonal communication, such as the online camera or picturephone.

On the other hand,I am still thinking that, is it really vital to take the advantage of interpersonal communication to convey the information or decode the messages?

But the problem is, the electic technology somtimes can be a carrier of diffusing the wrong information. People even start to use the high tech to make some artificial news. The images or pictures on the screen and print perss or even the voice on the radio can be changed by high tech, then how to build up the public trust of the mass media must become to an important issue. The messges can manipulate, mislead or distort the truths of the news, since it is one-way conveying approach, not both-ways approach. We talked about the moral standard
when we do the interpensonal communication. It is the same situation to high tech. The only problem is if it was already diffued by the technology channel, it would not be changed and clarified anymore, the most mass audience would get familiar with the wrong information. That is the hierachy position of mass media. And the technology might be the
most effective channel of those messages. But if we have interpersonal communication, we can get the feedback in time and immediately.

No matter the shoping online short messages, TV news, all of them r dependent on the hign tech.It is just we have more channals and carrier to complete the communication. So it will not take place of interpersonal communication. But also, it is not going to lead the communication world, we still need the interpensonal communication, that
we called we are a society in which communication is the basic component. Even in the future one day we just have a vitual host or archor in the news but not the real person, I assume that is against the human-being regular rule, it would not last for long, just for a short while.